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New Home Construction in Pennsylvania

DK Builder specializes in new home construction and custom home design. We have a team of experienced home builders seasoned in all phases of home construction to help you design the perfect home. We take pride in creating truly unique homes that fit perfectly with the lifestyle and preferences of the homeowner. Before you get started, we invite you to let us explain what makes the custom home building process of DK Builder unique.

Planning for Your Custom Home

The first step is the creation of house plans that reflect the customer’s desire. When working with us to create the plan for your home, we’ll question you in-depth about what you’re looking for, whether it be a modern design or possibly something a little more classic, we’ll work to make it a reality.

During the design phase, you’ll work directly with the architect to design the property that meets your needs. Not only will you work out the design and layout of the home, but you’ll also determine what materials will be used for the new home construction.

Planning & Design

DK Builder can help you;

  • Select a home style to fit your needs
  • Design a home for you
  • Work with plans from your architect or designer
  • Customize a plan to suit your specific needs
  • Properly locate the house on your lot
  • Prepare the site plan that is needed for permitting
  • Choose products & materials that reflect your lifestyle & design

Large custom kitchen with copper ceiling


DK Builder will help you;

  • Preparing a detailed estimate of the cost of your new home
  • Prepare detailed specifications that match the estimate so that you know exactly what is included in your home
  • Guide you through the wide range of available products and features to assure the best valve in your new home
  • Explore the benefits of new technology such as; LED lighting, ground source HVAC systems, upgraded insulation, making your home more affordable to live in
  • Help you in financing your new home

gorgeous exterior of custom home in lancaster county


DK Builder will help you;

  • Prepare a detailed schedule showing the various stages of construction
  • Have regularly scheduled meetings to review the progress of your new home
  • Prepare a schedule to guide you in the selections and decisions you need to make

new home interior kitchen


DK Builder ensures quality construction

  • We have our on-site construction supervisor overseeing the construction process
  • We use top quality materials
  • We employ excellent craftsman and superior trade professionals to work on your home
  • We blend the latest technology & modern innovations with the time proven systems to build you a superior quality home
  • We constantly inspect the work completed to assure you an excellent quality built home

lovely new home interior living room

Continued Customer Service

  • DK Builder will explain and show you how to operate all the new systems in you home
  • DK Builder will give you an extensively written warranty with your new home and be there to fix any warranty items
  • DK Builder will be there to answer any questions about your home & make the transition of moving as easy as possible

Custom Home Budget

In addition to design, the next important step in the creation of your new home is to establish a budget. To do this, we consider all that will go into the construction of your new home, and then before construction starts, we will provide you with an estimate. The estimate is determined by preparing all the detailed specifications needed to get an accurate number regarding the overall cost. We’ll not only determine materials, but we’ll go over specific building products that will be used to maximize value.

And as part of the budgeting phase, we’ll explain the options for optimizing not only original construction costs, but also operating expenses after you’re moved in and settled. For example, we’ll determine what type of HVAC system should be installed and what type of lighting fixtures should be used. During this stage, we’ll also explore financing options.

Setting a Schedule

After the design and budget considerations have been determined, the next step in the new home creation process is to set a schedule for construction. We’ll start by providing you with a detailed schedule so you will be able to observe the construction process and will know when your new home will be finished.

Starting Construction of a Custom Home

Once the schedule has been drafted the next step is to begin construction. Every construction project has a designated an on-site supervisor who will oversee the work as it progresses. This supervisor is the go-to person who you can consult with regarding construction. We also invite you to take advantage of our highly experienced staff of craftsmen and trade professionals. When it comes to any questions or concerns you may have, the friendly staff at DK Builder will be there for you.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service Every Step of the Way

For us, the job doesn’t end once construction is complete. After the house is built our staff members will address pertinent instructions about the operating systems in your home. We want you to thoroughly understand your home and its capabilities. We will happily take time to answer any question you may have.

Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced home builders to begin designing your new house plans!