New Homes

Building a House in Lancaster County

One area DK Builder specializes in is the building of new homes. We have a team that is experienced in all the phases of the building process from planning & design, budgeting, scheduling, construction to continuing customer service.

Planning & Design

DK Builder can help you;

  • Select a home style to fit your needs
  • Design a home for you
  • Work with plans from your architect or designer
  • Customize a plan to suit your specific needs
  • Properly locate the house on your lot
  • Prepare the site plan that is needed for permitting
  • Choose products & materials that reflect your lifestyle & design

beautiful interior of new home


DK Builder will help you;

  • Preparing a detailed estimate of the cost of your new home
  • Prepare detailed specifications that match the estimate so that you know exactly what is included in your home
  • Guide you through the wide range of available products and features to assure the best valve in your new home
  • Explore the benefits of new technology such as; LED lighting, ground source HVAC systems, upgraded insulation, making your home more affordable to live in
  • Help you in financing your new home

gorgeous exterior of new home


DK Builder will help you;

  • Prepare a detailed schedule showing the various stages of construction
  • Have regularly scheduled meetings to review the progress of your new home
  • Prepare a schedule to guide you in the selections and decisions you need to make

new home interior kitchen


DK Builder ensures quality construction

  • We have our on-site construction supervisor overseeing the construction process
  • We use top quality materials
  • We employ excellent craftsman and superior trade professionals to work on your home
  • We blend the latest technology & modern innovations with the time proven systems to build you a superior quality home
  • We constantly inspect the work completed to assure you an excellent quality built home

lovely new home interior living room

Continued Customer Service

  • DK Builder will explain and show you how to operate all the new systems in you home
  • DK Builder will give you an extensively written warranty with your new home and be there to fix any warranty items
  • DK Builder will be there to answer any questions about your home & make the transition of moving as easy as possible