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Commercial Building Additions that Transform Your Property

Bring your vision to life on time and budget with commercial building additions from DK Builder. We’re a team of construction contractors serving the Main Line and Central PA with a wide range of experience with light commercial, new construction, and renovation work.

Working with us means working with innovative and dedicated commercial general contractors committed to maintaining high-quality standards and delivering timely, affordable results. With each project, we carefully control costs by staying within client-approved budgets and taking care of all scheduling requirements. Here’s what makes DK Builder one of the leading commercial construction companies serving the Lancaster area.

Meticulous Planning of Your Commercial Construction Project

After contacting DK Builder, you’ll meet with a general contractor who will help you plan your commercial project. During your initial meeting you can expect to discuss:

  • Clearly defined roles to be established for the DK Builder construction contractors who will be involved with your project
  • Identification of and solutions for potential issues before work begins
  • Project goals to be set so a comprehensive plan can be prepared

Four Factors Guide the DK Builder Process;

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Schedule
  • Safety

Commercial Building Front


Microsoft Project Management Schedule Program

  • Manage preconstruction process
  • Manage bar chart for the construction process
  • Solicit input for schedule from entire team

Commercial Stone Wall

Safety Program

  • Written program, project specific
  • Maintain a safe job environment

Commercial Stairwell

Project Delivery

Collaborate with owner, architect, contractors, and designers

  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Early involvement by all parties
  • Team ownership to the project
  • Free exchange of ideas among participants
  • Develop project goals early
  • Increased efficiency and schedule planning
  • Open communication and dispute resolutions
  • Clearly defined team member roles

Commercial Patio


Budget influences the scope of work

  • Utilize Timberline estimating program
  • Develop line item budgeting and cost
  • Line items can be adjusted to reflect design changes
  • Solicit input from specialty trade contractors for cost saving methods and products
  • Value analysis – Determine value of desired building functions to cost

Careful Accounting of All Project-Related Costs

It’s understandable to have budget-related concerns about going ahead with plans to expand an existing business or build an entirely new commercial structure. Thankfully, our Lancaster, PA, construction contractors are very adept at budgeting and scheduling. What’s more, we’re proactive with budgeting in that we consult with specialty trade contractors so we can remain updated on cost-saving construction methods.

For budgeting we use the Timberline estimating program, which allows us to significantly speed up the estimating process. This software also eliminates issues with redundant tasks (and charges) and data entry errors. We’ll also ensure costs are tracked with equal accuracy as your commercial construction project advances.

Attentive and Fully Coordinated Scheduling Efforts

After we’ve worked out the budget issues, the next step in the commercial building/renovation process is to establish a reasonable, orderly schedule. The Microsoft Project Management Software we use allows our commercial general contractors in Lancaster to coordinate all activities in a way that’s highly efficient. Because of the attention to detail that goes into our scheduling efforts, our commercial clients are typically able to:

  • Schedule grand openings and other business-related efforts without concern about significant or costly delays
  • Know exactly when each phase of a project will start and approximately how long each step will take
  • Effectively plan other building and design steps that will be completed by other parties with greater certainty

Excellent Customer Service for Our Lancaster Area Commercial Clients

Finally, our overriding goal with any project with our name attached to it is to provide exceptional customer service. Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by giving each commercial project the attention it deserves, no matter how big or small it may be.

Confidentially end your search for “commercial construction companies in Lancaster” with DK Builder. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and receive an accurate pre-project estimate.