Home Renovation Contractors in Lancaster, PA

DK Builder is a construction company that strives to provide quality services for a variety of home improvement, addition and remodeling projects in Lancaster County and surrounding areas. Any home remodeling or addition project we take on receives the same attention to detail as our custom home designs, all while matching the charm of your current home. We have completed home additions ranging from new kitchens, bathroom suites, family room and bedroom additions, to adding a 2nd floor.

renovated home living room

Why should you choose DK Builder to build your remodeling project?

  • Having a professional team of like-minded individuals who really do care about you and who will do everything to exceed your expectations
  • Listening to your ideas and designing your project with you being involved in the design process and keeping an open communication during the entire project
  • Guiding you through the wide range of available products and features to assure the best valve in your renovation project
  • Showing you the benefits of new technology such as; LED lighting, ground source HVAC systems, upgraded insulation, and intergrading these into your renovation project
  • Writing a detailed specification of what is to be built in a language you can understand
  • Using the detailed specifications to create a competitive bid within your budget
  • We take care of required permitting and code requirements

dining room renovation

DK Builder ensures quality construction by;

  • We have our on-site construction supervisor overseeing the construction process
  • By using top quality materials
  • We employ excellent craftsman and superior trade professionals to work on your project who you can trust
  • We blend the latest technology & modern innovations with the time has proven systems into your project giving you quality you can see
  • To assure you an excellent quality built renovation project we constantly inspect the work completed promoting quality throughout your project

living room with renovated fireplace

DK Builder stands behind the work they perform and give an extensively written warranty;

  • Treating you the customer as we would want others to treat us
  • DK Builder will explain and show you how to operate all the new systems in your renovated/remodeled project
  • Standing behind work we performed and those trade professionals that worked on your project
  • Being available if warranty items arise with prompt response
  • Giving you a finished project that meets your needs and that you can be proud to show to your family and friends

amazing hardwood cabinet renovation

DK Builder offers a complete team of in-house professionals for your convenience by offering;

  • Design / Draftsman supplying your need of a detailed Auto-Cad plan of your project or we can work with plans from your architect or designer
  • Estimating team with computer and spreadsheet skills giving you a competitive bid you can believe in and enabling your project to stay on budget
  • Salesman that know your project from beginning to end and will do a final settlement after job is complete
  • On-site supervisor who prepares a detailed schedule showing you the various stages of construction, having regularly scheduled meetings to review the progress of your renovation project with you and giving a schedule to guide you in the selections and decisions you need to make
  • Field staff of trustworthy master craftsman and superior trade professionals to work on your renovation project

renovated high ceilings

Explore the Possibilities with Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodel that’s done right by the DK Builder team can make your home more pleasant to live in while also upping its value. Our seasoned contractors are prepared to help you update this part of your home with a kitchen remodel that could involve:

  • Improving the layout to make it easier to prepare meals and entertain
  • Replacing outdated countertops, fixtures, and cabinets
  • Enhancing comfort and convenience with features such as a center island or better ventilation to reduce cooking odors
  • Adjusting the placement of drawers and cabinets to make accessibility easier

Exceptional Bathroom Remodeling

Your kitchen update can be combined with a bathroom remodel or we can plan this renovation as a standalone project. Our forward-thinking pros have the skills and resources required to beautifully transform any bathroom into a modern, relaxing spot peppered with personality.
As is the case with kitchen improvements, the right approach to a bathroom remodel can easily up your home’s value. A project that includes energy efficient fixtures, sinks, and toilets, for instance, can boost home value by a few thousand dollars. A customized bathroom makeover can include:

  • Discrete storage space additions
  • Replaced grout and caulk and updated tile
  • Intimate vanity lighting or added natural light sources
  • Easily accessible showers and/or bathtubs

Home Renovation Contractors – Get Your Free Estimate Today!

Are you limited on available living space in your home? While moving is one potential solution, a more affordable option – and a great way to stay in a home you otherwise love – is to explore the possibilities with home additions designed and completed by DK Builder.

Whether it’s a family room, larger kitchen, or an extra bathroom or bedroom, a home addition can breathe new life into your home in many ways – even something as basic as adding some extra square footage to a kitchen that’s lacking space can make a world of difference. Our attention to detail with home additions can result in:

  • A seamless blend of existing and new elements throughout your home
  • Extra living spaces that more inviting and comfortable
  • Newly created rooms or spaces that are designed with energy efficiency in mind
  • Spaces designed in a way that allows for future modifications, improvements, or adjustments

Contact us today to learn how our home renovation contractors can help you add-on to your existing home!