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Beautiful Custom Homes – Explore the Possibilities Today

Take your dream of having a home that is truly in line with what you want off the back burner by exploring your options for a custom home with DK Builder. Our team of custom home builders and is prepared to bring your vision to life in a way that’s efficient and cost-effective from start to finish. At DK Builder, we realize that prospective homeowners want beautiful homes that aren’t mere offshoots of what everyone else has. With a custom home, you can get everything you prefer in a way that meets your expectations from day one. What you’ll experience is a home you love which stands out for all the right reasons! You’ll also benefit from our unmatched level of quality and craftsmanship in everything we do for homeowners like you looking to enjoy the many benefits of a custom home. We invite you to turn your dream of owning a beautiful custom home into reality by taking advantage of everything DK Builder offers.

Planning & Design

DK Builder can help you;

  • Select a home style to fit your needs
  • Design a home for you
  • Work with plans from your architect or designer
  • Customize a plan to suit your specific needs
  • Properly locate the house on your lot
  • Prepare the site plan that is needed for permitting
  • Choose products & materials that reflect your lifestyle & design

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DK Builder will help you;

  • Preparing a detailed estimate of the cost of your new home
  • Prepare detailed specifications that match the estimate so that you know exactly what is included in your home
  • Guide you through the wide range of available products and features to assure the best valve in your new home
  • Explore the benefits of new technology such as; LED lighting, ground source HVAC systems, upgraded insulation, making your home more affordable to live in
  • Help you in financing your new home

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DK Builder will help you;

  • Prepare a detailed schedule showing the various stages of construction
  • Have regularly scheduled meetings to review the progress of your new home
  • Prepare a schedule to guide you in the selections and decisions you need to make

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DK Builder ensures quality construction

  • We have our on-site construction supervisor overseeing the construction process
  • We use top quality materials
  • We employ excellent craftsman and superior trade professionals to work on your home
  • We blend the latest technology & modern innovations with the time proven systems to build you a superior quality home
  • We constantly inspect the work completed to assure you an excellent quality built home

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Continued Customer Service

  • DK Builder will explain and show you how to operate all the new systems in you home
  • DK Builder will give you an extensively written warranty with your new home and be there to fix any warranty items
  • DK Builder will be there to answer any questions about your home & make the transition of moving as easy as possible

Custom Home Design

With custom home design from DK Builder, all you’ll need to get started is a general idea. From modern to classic and anything that can fall in between, your home’s design can be any style that appeals to you. We can also incorporate special features and other important details into your design. If you need some help fine-tuning your design, we can help! You’re welcome to take advantage of our many years of experience with custom homes. During the initial planning process, we’ll go over all your options, discuss what you have in mind, offer suggestions, and put together a custom home design that works for you. We’re also highly flexible with our approach to design since our focus is always on what’s right for our clients. We’ll gladly work alongside any architects and designers you may already have onboard with your custom home project. Ultimately, our goal is to create a custom home design meets all your specifications and requirements.

Custom Home Plans

Our experienced team will be involved in every aspect of your custom home plans. We provide comprehensive assistance with budgeting and scheduling and all the other essential details that go into putting a custom home plan into motion. Before your custom home build even gets underway, you’ll know when things will be done and how much all the phases of your home construction project will cost. Another part of the design, planning, and building process we take pride in at DK Builder is keeping our customers well-informed. Rest assured you’ll be kept in the loop as your plans become a beautiful reality. You’ll also be able to easily contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your custom home plan.

Custom Homes in Central PA & the Main Line

There’s no time like the present to start the conversation about building a custom home with DK Builder! Our friendly, knowledgeable team is committed to making your experience with custom homes a positive and productive one. We’ve worked hard to earn a stellar reputation, which is backed by our 30+ years of experience. See for yourself why we’re one of the premier custom home builders in Pennsylvania. Contact us today to start planning your own custom home!