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Outdoor Home Remodeling & New Addition

This project truly transformed this home into a whole new outdoor oasis. Their outdoor space went from a basic wooden deck to a vinyl deck area with multiple additions! We added vinyl siding to the home to give it more of a modern, clean feel to it. Along with the new deck portion, we added a patio with a beautiful retaining wall made with beautiful stone. The most eye-catching addition is the new water feature. The stone waterfall leading down into a koi pond was the perfect way to wrap a bow around this project and make it a truly unique outdoor area. We added another portion of space as a sanctuary out of the sun. Underneath the deck we made a shady area to enjoy sitting, talking and eating.


To add more room to the interior of the home, a sunroom addition was constructed so the family could enjoy looking out at their beautiful new outdoor space, as well as their landscape. We put large windows so natural light could flow into the living space and two doors. One door leads out onto the deck and the other door leads to our final portion of the outdoor space created during this process. On the other side of the interior addition, we added more deck space for another dining area and grill. Further down, towards the end of the house, we added wooden garden boxes where plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits can flourish.

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